Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Truth About Beans and Buttons...

Who the heck are you?
We are Wendy and Lindsay of Beans and Buttons. We are sisters, three years apart. We are both married with two beautiful girls each. Samantha, 6, Sydney, 4, Madison, 3, and Rylie, 1. We are moms, wives and inventors with an overzealous drive to find and create cool stuff.

How did you come up with Beans and Buttons?
The name “Beans & Buttons” comes from our children, who are the constant source of our inspiration and creativity. Psychologists say that people are at the peak of creativity at five years old. It is that simple, uncluttered knowledge that allows the mind to wander and the imagination to soar. Our young children show us the beauty of simplicity and the fun in sometimes stepping out of the box. We strive to find that creativity that’s buried in all of us. At Beans and Buttons we can to re-create!

What are your backgrounds?
Wendy is an interior-designer by trade with a background in marketing. Lindsay has a background in public relations and social trends. Both attended the University of Maryland-College Park.

How do you come up with your ideas?
It's a team effort. One of us will see something, start an idea and that idea with spark another idea. Our brains are somehow always in sync! We strive to create unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

How is it working together as sisters?
We grew up the typical hair-pulling, clothes-stealing, always duelling sisters. Somewhere along the way, we became best friends and business partners. While we still fight, usually about who has to walk backward when carrying a 300-pound piece of furniture, we work together beautifully. Our dynamic allows us to create an image that we are proud of.  You'll never find a day when Wendy and I are out "hunting" that we aren't laughing. We seem to find comedy everywhere which makes what we do even more fun.

Why do you do what you do?
It's for the rush, the rush of seeing that piece that no one saw life left in just shine. The fun is seeing past the rough spots of a piece to the hidden potential. Being a Junk Girl is a passion. It's a remarkable outlet for creativity. It changes the way you think. Your mind is constantly looking at things going "What can I do with that?" Being a Junk Girl is a thrill ride. Why do we do this? Because we love it.

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  1. how have i never been to their blog? off to check it out! :) thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey girls I wish my sister lived closer so we could partner up the way you too have!